Ocean Hunter – Ambush Foot Pockets (Pair)

Ocean Hunter – Ambush Foot Pockets (Pair)


Ocean Hunter


Ocean Hunter Ambush Foot Pocket Features:

  • High-quality design for spearfishing and freediving
  • Fits the Ocean Hunter Ambush fin blades as well as other popular brands
  • 20-degree blade angle for ultimate power strokes
  • Exclusive fixing system of the foot pockets ensures perfect energy transmission with efficient and fluid movements
  • Hydrodynamic design for smooth kicks with water to flow directly over the blades
  • Rubber rails along the blades for hydrodynamic stability and blade protection
  • Partially harder rubber for maximum power transmission from leg to blade
  • Soft EPDM rubber foot pockets for increased comfort
  • Anti-slip pattern on the foot pockets’ heels


Ocean Hunter

Born in Australian waters
Ocean Hunter

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L 44/45 (10/11 US), M 42/43 (8/9 US), S 40/41 (6-7 US), XL 46/47 (12/13 US), XS 38/39 (4-5 US)


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