Mares Concorde Plastic Fins (6.5 – 7.5)

Mares Concorde Plastic Fins (6.5 – 7.5)


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The Mares Concorde fin are designed for spearfishing and freediving. Having a tapered blade allows power and thrust to maximize your depths, speed and breath hold. Due to being on breath hold, spear fishing and freedivers need all the power they can get to allow them go deeper quicker without using up too much air and effort. Imagine if you were using a short blade fin, you would be kicking twice as often and using up twice as much air and effort. It is a medium strength plastic blade that is perfect for the new diver who wants their own quality gear at a fantastic price.


The foot pockets are made from a soft rubber allowing you to be comfortable in the water even after hours of use. These are designed to be worn with a 3mm neoprene sock which prevent blisters, chaffing and also give grip and protcetion when walking from the car to the dive site. You can choose to not wear socks, however you will need to size down in the fins. The neoprene socks do also give warmth and as we know, heat leaves the body through the feet so keeping your feet warm will allow you to stay warmer for longer, thereofre dive for longer.

The Corcord fins are the ideal fin for shallow to mid depth diving due to the blade which is made from a techno polymer with high performance flexion. A great feature of the Concord blade is the ridges on the end of the blade on either side. These prevent slipping from side to side whilst kicking allowing you to keep a straight strong kick. They are a high performing tapered blade with a medium strength, perfect for beginers or intermediate divers.


Product Features


  • Tapered Blade
  • Non-slipping Ridges
  • Molded Foot Pockets
  • Soft Rubber Pockets
  • High Performance Fin
  • Technopolymer Blade
  • High Performance Flexion
  • Value For Money
  • Shallow to Mid Depth Diving
  • Designed to be Worn With 3mm Sock
  • Designed For Freediving or Spearfishing






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