Mares – Spyder Freediving Mask


The Mares Spyder mask is a double lens low volume mask that fits well and is comfortable for those with larger faces.

The Spyder features a soft rubber nose piece, making it easy to grip during equalisation,  an anatomical seal to better fit most faces and a matt finish. Furthermore, The Spyder silicone skirt is very comfortable due to its soft material, so it not only fits very well on most faces but it’s kind on the skin even for prolonged uses.

The Mares Spyder features a unique hydrodynamic shape design with its grooves over the frame to reduce resistance during diving.


  • Frame with soft screening on the nose area for a better grip when wearing the mask and during ear equalisation
  • Very comfortable silicone seal
  • Lateral gussets at the nose level for easy balancing
  • Double lenses and low volume
  • Great fit for larger faces
  • Available in various colours
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