Mannysub Shafts

Mannysub Shafts


Manny Sub - when performance matters


Manny Sub Spring Stainless Shafts are certified to be factory straight. A Shaft has 3 welded shark fins, which add to its strength to reduce breaking and bending at the notches. The back shark fin gives an extra 5cm of rubber stretch and for double rubber guns, the back and middle shark fins give an extra 20cm extra rubber stretch. This increases the speed and range of the spear shaft. The shark fins also make the loading stage easier and facilitates in depowering the roller system when shooting fish near the bottom. The back shark fin also comes with a pre-drilled hole, which makes it suitable for spearguns with enclosed tracks, as it allows for an alternative place for connecting the shooting line.

7mm & 7.5mm single flopper 17PH4 harden stainless shaft
Made from hardened stainless (83mm long x 1.3mm width) with 2.4mm pin welded on each end
3 unique mini shark fins (3.5mm high)
Hardened stainless – excellent corrosion-free qualities, prevent from rusting overtime
Shafts suit all European/South African handles
Available length for 7mm shaft: 130/140/150cm
Available length for 7.5mm shaft: 150cm


Manny Sub

When Performance matters
Manny Sub - when performance matters

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130cm, 140cm, 150cm, 160cm, 170cm


7.5, 7mm, 8.5


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