Mannysub – Double Roller Premium Kit – Ceramic Bearings – White


 The Mannysub Double Roller Powerhead  is best suited for hunting large pelagics like Tuna, Billfish, Wahoo, Cobia, Kingfish, and any heavily-armoured reef fish at long range.

This kit includes:

Head colour: White

Rubber size: 14mm

Gun Length: 130

Adapter size: 26.5

Double-roller muzzle with ceramic bearings, an adapter, anchors, 3 different types of Dyneema, rubbers, mounting screws and an easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions with very detailed pictures and explanations.

The PREMIUM EDITION KIT includes 3 important upgrades:

  1. Full ceramic bearings (8 in total, 2 per wheel). This upgrade will make it easier to load, while adding extra power, smoothness, and reliability. We are so confident in these bearings that we offer a LIFE TIME WARRANTY.
  2. Small ID rubbers. This kit is packed together with our exclusive red reactive small-ID rubbers. These new rubbers performed beyond our expectations. With a small-1mm ID hole these reactive rubbers pack greater punch for their  given diameter.
  3.  Full-carbon side brackets (2mm thick) to protect rollers and bearings from impacts.

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