Manny Sub – Roller Power Head – Conversion Kit

Manny Sub – Roller Power Head – Conversion Kit


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Manny Sub - when performance matters


The Manny Sub Power Roller Head Conversion Kit is designed to convert any European/South African speargun, with a cylindrical removable muzzle, to a Roller speargun. A speargun equipped with the Roller Power Head allows the full length of the barrel to be utilised plus the pre-tensioned rubbers and lack of recoil adds more power, accuracy, range and penetration.
The Power Roller Head features:

One-piece 40% glass-filled nylon design, lightweight carbon-fibre side plates.
Lightweight and low friction bearings, made from acetal, with encapsulated glass balls to stop sand and salt-water damage.
Built-in anchor for a bungee line with a 2.5mm reel-line guide


Roller Power Head (Black)
A barrel adaptor (either 25mm, 25.5mm, 26mm, 26.5mm or 28.7mm)
Stainless steel fittings
Dyneema line
DIY assembly instructions
Rubbers (either 14mm, 16mm or 18mm)*

*The 14mm rubber suited for 90cm length, 16mm rubber suited for 90/100/110cm length and 18mm rubber suited for 110cm length.
For optimum results, the conversion kit is best suited for spearguns ranging in size from 90-110cm and two rubber wraps of shooting line, when using 16 and 18 mm, is recommended.


Manny Sub

When Performance matters
Manny Sub - when performance matters

Additional information

Gun Length

100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm, 90cm

Internal Barrel Diameter

25.5mm, 25mm, 26.5mm, 26mm, 28.7mm

Rubber Diameter

14mm, 16mm, 18mm


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