Freedivers – Roller Head

Freedivers – Roller Head


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  • All new roller head from Freedivers South Africa!
  • Compatible to convert any existing Freediver speargun to a roller configuration.
  • This head is built simple and tough, like all Freedivers equipment.
  • Has flat top spiggot with longitudinal guides to marry internal shape of barrel.
  • Made of the same super strong fibreglass impreganated material as their handles.
  • Choose simple pulley wheels with no bearings for maintenance-free operation.
  • Also choice to upgrade to wheels with bearings for smoother loading.
  • 316 stainless steel stopper bars with ambidextrous line wrap fingers.
  • Built in muzzle line attachment underneath, with shooting line return wrap keeper.
  • Could also be used to convert other brands of spearguns to roller.
  • Fits barrels of aluminum or carbon with internal diameter of approximately 26 mm or less.
  • Will take rubber up to 19mm in diameter.




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