MVD – Roller Compact G2 (Rabitech)

MVD – Roller Compact G2 (Rabitech)


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MVD G2 Inverted Roller Kit is specifically designed for Aimrite, Rabitech & Fury sized Barrels.


  • New revolutionary setup rigging & loading that effectively utilises full-length loading
  • Design & implementation using state of the art technology CAD/CAM CNC code
  • Specifically designed for Aimrite, Rabitech & Fury sized Barrels
  • Available in other sizes to suit other brands of spearguns
  • High endurance, low friction Industrial Acetal body
  • High precision engineered to strict specifications
  • Metal parts made with Inox 316L marine steel
  • Include polyspast module for assisted loading
  • Full inverted roller operation
  • Ideal for polyspast setups
  • Full pretension capable


MVD Aimrite, Rabitech & Fury G2 Invert Roller kit is ideal for the demanding spearfishing enthusiast! The Inverted roller kit will unleash the power hidden in your equipment, allowing more rubber power to be added and increase ease of loading.

These MVD Aimrite, Rabitech & Fury G2 inverted roller heads are perfectly suited for clear blue water spearing with good visibility, allowing you to take aim and shoot at greater distances than standard rollers. The inverted roller heads are also a must if you are targeting heavily scaled or armoured fish to provide extra power to propel the shaft at greater speeds to penetrate through them and secure them onto the shaft.

The MVD Aimrite, Rabitech & Fury inverted roller has a reel line guide/line anchor point made from stainless steel on the underside of it. It is locked into place with two screws making sure it is secure and cannot be pulled off, like some inferior line guides on other models.

Most existing factory made speargun barrels have internal plugs at either end to prevent them from flooding with water. The MVD Aimrite, Rabitech & Fury inverted roller has an O-Ring fitted on it as a barrel seal providing you additional security in preventing your barrel from flooding.

This model is specifically designed to suit the internal diameter of the Aimrite, Rabitech & Fury barrels to provide a perfect fit and prevent water leaking in and flooding your barrel. The kit contains all you need to setup your MVD inverted roller as listed below.

Kit includes:
-1 x MVD Invert Roller G2 Economy & fixing Inox screw
-1 x O-ring for Invert Roller G2 Economy
-1 x Barrel plug
-2 x O-rings for the barrel plug
-2 x loading hooks (small) and fixing Inox screws
-1 x loading hook (large) & fixing Inox screw
-2 x loading assist mini pulleys

MVD is a Greece based company that specialises in designing and building spearfishing roller heads, inverted rollers, reels and other freediving equipment. They use the latest technology machinery (CAD / CAM CNC code) for design and manufacture, providing innovative design, outstanding quality, precision and reliability on all their range of products. Whether you are looking for a roller head or a reel, if you want the best precision cut and designed piece of equipment that won’t let you down when it counts then look no further; MVD roller heads, reels and accessories are the best by far.



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