Rob Allen – Couta Mask

Rob Allen – Couta Mask


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Rob Allen


The Rob Allen Couta mask is conceived and designed exclusively for spearfishermen and the conditions we dive in. The inclusion of a single lens improves depth perception and is best suited to open water Gamefish hunting.

A soft anti-allergic latex skirt and wide split strap ensures superior comfort and fit, especially on long dives. The integrated frame, lens and skirt reduce the mask’s volume and bring the lens closer to the face, increasing peripheral vision. The mask’s hydrodynamic profile and pivot buckles reduce turbulence when returning to the surface after a deep dive. Push-button buckles allow easy, quick strap adjustment with just 1 hand, even while diving with gloves on.

Rob Allen’s Couta Mask is perfect for spearfishing with a wide range of view courtesy of the single-lens with teardrop shaping and a low-volume, low-profile design. The skirting has been designed from 100% liquid black silicone for an effective seal against the face.


Rob Allen

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