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Only 4 hour drive from Perth

We will be fishing/spearfishing for such species as Red Emperor, Coral Trout, Pink Snapper, Baldchin Groper and north West Snappers. You will also find more Pelagic action than you can handle chasing species such as Mackerel, varying Tuna species and Sailfish.

Our day rate per person is $380 per day. We base our daily rate of $3800 on ten passengers, with a maximum of twelve. Minimum of a 4-day tour.

Pelican Charters Live Aboards

My partner and I are owner operators, both are master fives and dive masters. We are well established in the industry after 15 years of operating. We take pride in our vessel and our service.

  • We provide solid meals, cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner, with seafood snacks in-between. On board alfresco kitchen with coffee machine, oven, hotplate, fridges, freezers and eskys for your drinks.
  • We have a dining table with wrap around seating. Great atmosphere for everyone to relax.
  • Accommodation is comfy bunk style beds away from the deck.
  • We supply all the fishing gear, rods, tackle, sinkers and bait. We also fillet and snap freeze your fish.
  • Air fills and spare tanks are available for scuba diving. You must BYO kit.
  • Two 5.5m centre consoles are moored at the islands for little adventures.
  • The pelican has a large marlin board platform for trolling and night fishing.
  • The Pelican has two motors, two gen-sets and two of everything to ensure your safe journey.

Pelican Charters Experience

When you get to the “Montes” expect action and lots of it!! Your days are filled with your choice of Spearfishing, diving, fishing or surfing. The waters are steaming with Pelagics like Spanish Mackerel, Sailfish, Marlin and Tunas. The reef areas around the islands are littered with coral gardens and rock walls covered in Coral Trout, Mangrove Jacks and big GTs.

Fishing in deeper waters is an eye opening experience with Red Emperor, Crimson Sea Perch, Golden Trevally, Rankin Cod, BIG Robinson Sea Bream, BIG Mangrove Jack and plenty more.

These trips are 5 nights and 5 days at a rate of $2700 per person. You may have the choice of departing from Exmouth, which is approx. 12 to 14 hours travel to the Montes. Alternatively you can leave from Dampier, which is approx 7 hours for the journey.

Its your decision whether you would like to drive or fly. Flights can be arranged for you.

For any extra information, we are happy to talk with you, or arrange to meet. We love to show off our two purpose built charter vessels.

Fishing – Snorkeling – Diving – Eating – Drinking – Relaxing

Snorkel the West’s coral reefs. Swim in secluded bays. Fishing trips in Western Australia. Camp out with the Southern Cross under our Milky Way. Live on board Fishing Charters.

Abrolhos Islands Trip

From the gentle, clear water of Sheltered bays to the gigantic surf breaks off the islands. At the Abrolhos islands, you’ll find a beach, or shore that’s just perfect for you.

Fishing Holidays

Book a vessel for Australia day out or fishing holiday in the Indian ocean Fremantle to Rottnest island or half day at Carnac island.

Montebello Islands Safaris

Come by yourself, with a couple of mates, or private charter the whole boat, we can tailor a Montebello Island fishing holiday personally to your needs.


Cruise along the Swan river to Fremantle then out to Rottnest Island, take in some History or relax on a beach in a bay and soak up sun rays


get in touch with us  CALL US ON: +61 (08) 9249 1535

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