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Alleviate the perpetual frustration of seeking the utmost reliable and efficient online spearfishing store within Australia. Reap the benefits of contemporary spearfishing gear and apparatus that will surely improve your spearfishing capabilities. Here at Spear West, we are devoted to client satisfaction and have acquired industry leading spearfishing equipment for your ease. Spearfishing is rapidly progressing and we have mastered the art of manufacturing and distributing impeccable spearfishing products. We are passionate about accurately distributing all our products across Australia, as well as being the most reasonably and equitably priced. Australian owned and operated, Spear West are the pioneers in the spearfishing industry and have stabilised their reputation as the leading online spearfishing store in Australia.


  • Impressive Speargun designs and innovative technologies.
  • High level of perfection with all products and gear.
  • Great client service and assistance with all spearfishing gear.
  • Detailed Spearguns designed for shallow and deep-water spearfishing activities.
  • Aimrite and Rabitech Spearguns, industry leading manufacturers.
  • Fantastic client services and satisfaction with all products available.
  • Robust Spearguns, diving gear and fins for all types of use.
  • Equitable pricing and tailored solutions to suit your wallet and budget.
  • Long lasting and guaranteed products from high-tier brands.
  • Overall perfection and efficiency with distribution.

Reliability, transparency and overall excellence are synonym characteristics to Spear West. With educated and friendly staff, we are geared to assist you in selecting the necessary and appropriate spearfishing gear to enrich your diving or spearfishing experience. Browse our online spearfishing store for more information regarding our products and services. Alternatively, contact us directly to organise a meet session so you can inspect our products and visualise the excellence, first-hand!

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The Australian store with the biggest range of high quality specialty spearfishing and free diving gear! Buy from someone who also freedives and spearfishes, knows and uses the spearfishing gear they sell.

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