Bluewater Freedivers of WA

This ever expanding group has a laid back style that suits divers with many varied interests. Underwater video, digital still pictures and rock lobster collection are very popular, as is offshore hunting for pelagic species.

Bluewater Freedivers of WA

The BFWA are happy to show interstate and overseas divers some of the exciting freediving Western Australia has to offer. The more experienced members are always willing to help novice divers with techniques to land that “fish of a lifetime” or just provide the family with some first rate table fish.

Being a club member will give you access to other like-minded divers, most of whom own boats and are always keen to go diving. You’ll also have access to our on-line club forum where you can arrange dive trips, learn of new fishing rules, ask questions and generally waste time.

As a Bluewater Freediver you will also become a financial member of Recfishwest, Western Australia’s peak fishing lobby group who not only fight for recreational fishing rights but also obtain the funding for projects like new artifical reefs and FADS for all of us to enjoy.

For more information, please visit the Bluewater Freedivers of WA facebook group.