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Accurate Aimrite Spearguns!

Technology and technological advancements have changed the way we see the world. As they have reformed many industries, technological apparatus has also driven into spearfishing. Sophisticated spearguns, new and improved fins and a plethora of gadgets that assist divers in their practice have come to the forefront. Spear West distribute the utmost professional and leading spearguns to our clients within Australia, these are no other than Aimrite spearguns. We refine all our Aimrite spearguns to suit the demands of today’s spearfishing and that is why we are the pioneers in spearfishing and offer a wide range of spearguns for clients to choose from.

Quality, materials and overall efficiency is what it comes down to when purchasing a speargun. Here at Spear West we employ accredited and knowledgeable staff that will enlighten you on our spearguns and go through all the specification and improvements on our newly developed Aimrite spearguns. Our speargun stores are located in Perth and we are more that delighted to assist all clients. Extensive experience is what sets us apart from competition and we have stabilised our reputation as one of the finest speargun distributors in Australia. Impeccable Aimrite spearguns, for impeccable clients; only at Spear West!

Proudly Australian owned and operated, Spear West has immense collective experience and know their spearguns well! If you are seeking reliable spearguns that will last in time and are beneficial for all-round spearfishing activities, seek no further. Spear West is your primary choice. With an array of impeccable Aimrite spearguns that are manufactured with accuracy and precision, you are well on your way to enriching your hobby. For additional information on any of our products or services, feel free to contact us directly. Alternatively you may browse our online galleries and indulge in our excellent speargun and spearfishing products.


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